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The virtual event is becoming an increasingly important enterprise marketing strategy. However, with pervasiveness comes the need to differentiate through added value. Targets can be inundated with opportunities to attend virtual shows or participate in webinars. As a result, marketers need to go beyond merely offering a virtual event—they need to be discriminating when it comes to targets, and they need to offer content that attendees find truly valuable. Only then do virtual events attract the right audiences and deliver useful leads to marketers.From pre-event planning to event execution and post-event follow-up, Dreamcast offers a full range of “end-to-end” services to optimize the success of customers’ virtual events.

The transmission of live or pre-recorded audio or video to personal computers that are connected to the Internet. A user who clicks a link to a live clip joins the live event in progress.Live Web casts are most suitable for high demand live presentations to large geographically dispersed audiences. Participants can attend these virtual presentations from their desktop by visiting a web site.

Pre-recorded clips are delivered, or streamed, to users upon request. A user who clicks a link to an on-demand clip watches the clip from the beginning. The user can fast-forward, rewind, or pause the clip. Therefore on demand streams can be created from archived live events or recorded clips.


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